Who Are We

We are an exceptional new innovative film production company; specializing in production and funding for new upcoming films.

As an innovative film and production company, Pen Pointe Films brings you both production and funding for new film directors, writers and its Pen Pointe Films original movies, sitcoms and reality shows that’s produced and filmed in Atlanta Ga and Houston Tx.

Our production team brings creativity and experience to every scene that’s shot along with great concept creations, writing, casting, production, post production, motion graphics, content management and delivery.

We work in parallel with you and your team to develop a plan to execute and produce the best project that will bring results to the screen.

Our film financing program help new upcoming producers,and writers get funded for their inspiring project which enables them to shoot and produce their movie if we at Pen Pointe Films choose to invest in its project.

We promise to add value to your organization and ensure that no matter where else you look, we will provide the greatest creativity and innovation achievable for your budget.

Let’s work together on your next project

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