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We’re High-end film production company

Pen Pointe Films is a premier Atlanta-based film Production and Funding Company that produces films and provides funding for upcoming new film production companies. The production studio is led by the expertise of Mr.Menefee who has more than 30 years of financing and 10 years of film funding for small films, TV commercials, documentaries, and reality TV.

JL has leveraged this wide-ranging experience to build one of the most noteworthy after-custom-service production companies in Atlanta. Furthermore, the Studio has become a synonym for creativity in photo and video production. Pen Pointe Film Productions was formed to produce all of Pen Pointe own content for all of its business affiliates. Pen Pointe Foundation, Pen Pointe Brokers, Pen Pointe Commercial Underwriters, Pen Pointe Courier, Pen Pointe Podcast and Pen Pointe Films.

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What We Do

Our services include but not limited to the following:

Pen Pointe Commercials

Let us create a visual campaign for your social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Google, as well as your business website. We’ll develop your campaign from creative ideas, writing, storyboarding, producing, executing, and editing right through to delivery!

Film Locations

Film Locations Pen Pointe will locate and negotiate your project location with the local businesses. We evaluate the areas and the businesses that will be a part of the project budget. Our licensed real estate professionals will ensure a concise evaluation. Contact us today for your upcoming film locations.

Documentary Feature Films

Producing documentaries is something we do everyday. We are always creating content for ourselves and for others. Let us help you tell your story! We have the full crew that can carry this forward at reasonable budgets!

Upcoming Movies

Our upcoming movies are :

  • The Business Men
  • Life by Margaret Menefee
  • The Fall of Man
Pen Pointe Quick Pen

Pen Pointe - a Creative Writing Wizard

Let QUICKPEN transform your ideas into captivating scripts for all media, with style versatility.

What initial idea or concept would you like to develop into a script? Want to write a movie, short film, skit, podcast, etc? Quickpen will work the magic in seconds. 

Upcoming Movies

Upcoming Original Movies Enjoy Pen Pointe Film’s “LIFE” coming soon.

The Fall of Man

The Fall of Man