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With the purpose of expanding its mid-sized structured investments in the film and movie industry, Pen Pointe Films has launched its Investor Club. At Pen Pointe we pride ourselves on knowledge plus in-depth research, utilizing the background of our global team to constantly adapt as the film industry dictate. Combining these tools with a direct pipeline from our finance division, the Investor club offers members diverse and secure options.

The platform is built around income producing investments to limit risk, and strictly real-estate investments and acquiring land assets located in areas with favorable demographics and economic trends in targeted states of Georgia, Texas, California, Louisiana and Arizona.

The current challenging economic situation in the movie and television industry has lack of resources for new upcoming film directors, writers and producers and its forecasted to be relatively risky with modest returns. Concurrently, targeted options such as reality shows, tv originals, YouTube movies, talk shows class specific investments, existing cash flow, secured debt, preferred equity and other creative options present attractive returns with considerable downside protection. When considering risks versus returns, a diversified portfolio offers a secure and stabilized investment product to our club members, while still providing healthy yields.

The Investor Club is built on basic principles:

  • Geographical diversification throughout the targeted states
  • Asset focus – Commercial and residential real-estate purchases
  • Income producing properties with a healthy Debt Service Coverage Ratio(DCSR) to film movies, tv and sitcoms
  • Minimal Cap-ex requirements for rental growth
  • An experienced and strong partner who’s knowledgeable of the film industry, great writers and directors

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